Michelle Slatalla


1. Lives:  In Mill Valley, CA.

2. Has Gardened: Northern California (a no-brainer); Chicago (lilac country), and Fort Greene, Brooklyn (tomatoes on the fire escape).

3. First Plant: African violet on my grandmother’s radiator.

4. Reluctant Garden Assistants: Husband, Josh, and  three daughters (Zoe, Ella, and Clementine).

5. Favorite Gardening Book: Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katharine S. White.

6. Last Plant I Bought: Variegated daphne.

7. Why I Got Such a Finicky Plant: For the scent. Also, I like round, compact shrubs with shiny leaves.

8. Favorite Cocktail to Drink Outside: Negroni (1 jigger gin to 1/2 jigger sweet vermouth and 1/2 jigger Campari; serve in martini glass with lemon twist).

9. What My Husband Would Most Like to See in Front Yard: A Royal Palm tree.

10. What My Husband Will Be Seeing in Front Yard: Lemon Tree (for Negronis).