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15 for 2015: Best Garden Design Trends for Fall


15 for 2015: Best Garden Design Trends for Fall

September 21, 2015

What feels new and fresh for fall? We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite garden design trends, from gravel gardens to indoor herb troughs:

The Minimalist Pergola

pergola by Grounded Gardens

Above: “A garden without a pergola is like a room without a rug,” says Alexa, who has been admiring a new generation of deceptively simple silhouettes. See all her favorites in 10 Ways to Improve Your Garden with a Pergola. Photograph courtesy of Grounded Gardens.

Reclaimed Wood

We’re admiring the sturdy style of furniture made of recycled wood, capable of standing up to all kinds of weather. In Napa Valley an outdoor dining table is constructed from recycled planks of wood scaffolding.

With winter ahead, follow Janet’s advice for How to Care for Wood Outdoor Furniture.

Branch Out

Above: Florists are finding new architectural interest in leafless branches. For fall floral arrangements, consider quince, crabapple, or pear (as shown) branches. Here are Justine’s step-by-step instructions for DIY: Long-Lasting Boughs. Photograph by Justine Hand.

The New Skylight

We’re seeing a new kind of solar power–slim-profile windows that function as skylights. In Sweden, sunlight floods an artist’s studio year round.

Let Your Roots Show

Above: Terrariums with a twist; a new generation of vessels can do double duty as vases. See more at Roots on Display: Terra Hydro by 1012.

Gravel Gardens

Above: Izabella is onto something, replacing her lawn with gravel. See the designs that inspired her in The New Gravel Backyard: 10 Landscapes to Love. Photograph courtesy of Foras Studio.

Herb Bouquets

Posies of dried herbs add style to food blogger Heidi Swanson’s kitchen (and flavor to whatever she cooks).  We’re giving away a copy of her new cookbook; for a chance to win, enter here.

The Deconstructed Outdoor Kitchen

Southhampton House Outdoor Kitchen by Maria Milans del Bosch, Photo by Montse Zamorano

Above: Photograph by Montse Zamorano. For more, see Before & After: A Swimming Pool in the Hamptons, Inspired by Spain.

Julie sees elegance in The New Deconstructed Kitchen, with a charm that comes from being “less than perfect, cobbled together from disparate elements.” We’re admiring the same look outdoors.

Indoor Troughs

Above: It’s the new indoor window box. Grow herbs in the kitchen so you’ll have something to snip all winter long. We’re partial to the look of a a painted steel WallBox (available in black or white and in two sizes) at prices starting at 695 DK (approx. $105 US) from Purple ID.

The Four-Season Planter

A cluster of planters–each with a single boxwood bush–creates a monochromatic backdrop for brilliant fall color. Bonus: evergreen shrubs look good year-round (and particularly nice under a frosting of new snow).

For more boxwood ideas, see Curb Appeal: 9 Ideas for Boxwood.

Furniture You Can Plant In

We’re seeing houseplants integrated into decor in a natural way, rooted in consoles, benches, and tables. We’re especially fond of the DIY Portable Closet, Planter Included.

Ginkgo Glamor

Above: Is ginkgo the new hornbeam? Pollarded ginkgo trees add a layer of ruffly texture against a fence. For more, see Trend Alert: The Unexpected Elegance of Ginkgo.

Stylish Seedlings

Above: No longer relegated to the basement, grow lights with sculptural lines of their own are worthy of tabletop display. See our favorites in 10 Easy Pieces: The New Grow Lights.

Charred Facades

NeM Architectes Charred Cottage in Brittany

Above: Photograph courtesy of NeM Architectes. For more, see Before & After: A Charred Wood Cottage, on a $45L Budget.

Black Beauties

Black pussy willow by Justine Hand

Above: So purple it’s black; black pussy willow by Justine Hand. For more ways to add a dash of black to a landscape, see Black Beauties: 10 Film Noir Flowers for a Glamorous Garden.

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