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Steal This Look: A Silvery Blue Palette in Austin, TX

December 23, 2014 2:30 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

We love this sophisticated small home from Remodelista + Gardenista Architect/Designer Directory members Alterstudio Architecture, based in Austin. Architects Tim Whitehill and Kevin Alter shed some light on the materials they used for the facade, along with owner and contractor Richard White of Adobe Modern Homes

N.B. Take a look at the home’s interior courtyard, featured in The Cult of the Courtyard: 10 Homes with Amazing Interior Light

Here, the elements to recreate the look: 

Above: The house shows a modern but private face in a dense neighborhood.

Above: Board-formed concrete walls have the industrial look of concrete and the organic look of wood. Learn more in Architectural Element: Board-Formed Concrete Walls.

Above: The highly varied wood is called greenheart, or Brazilian teak. Image via Stair Supplies.

Above: The painted blue door is a slim door used for ventilation in the family room. The house’s front door is off to the right. Approximate the color with Benjamin Moore’s Jade Garden.

Above: White stucco at the top of the house features a slight reveal between the vertical face and underside, allowing water to drain off and avoid staining the underside. Image via Clean Slate Living with Johannes Norlander.

Above: Neutra House Numbers in aluminum are $24 each from Design Within Reach. Here, the house numbers were installed on a steel plate using pegs, and the plate was inset into the concrete.

Above: A potted Blue Atlas Cedar is perched in a gold glazed pot at the edge of the porch. Photo via Danger Garden.

Above: We found this glazed ceramic planter at Olde Good Things, but similar glazed pots can be found at nurseries or on eBay, where a Large Carver Planter is $70.

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