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Pinspiration: Favorite Photos from Our ‘Followers’

November 09, 2012 10:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Some days the Internet feels like a big jumble of noise and confusion, like a traffic jam where everybody’s horn is blaring for attention. How do you sort through it to find the good stuff? You get a guide.

At journalism school, where I used to teach, we called it “finding a sherpa.” If an expert source will agree to lead you through unfamiliar terrain, we told the students, you can eventually get to the heart of even the most complicated story. It turns out the same technique works on Pinterest.

At Gardenista we’re lucky to have a growing group of Pinterest “followers” for guides; they’ve trekked all over the Internet to find images for their pinboards. Often I find myself clicking on a pin—and ending up at some amazing blog or website I otherwise never would have known existed. Here are some places Gardenista’s followers led me this week:

Above: “Summer stored in pots is good to go towards autumn,” said a caption on this blog. Or words to that effect—Google translated it from Finnish for me. I saw it at Marie Elisabeth’s Rum, a site I’d never visited before.

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Above: I got there thanks to pinner Hannah Brady, who had this image from Marie Elisabeth’s Rum on her Garden pinboard.

Above: For more moody images like this (which I just pinned to Gardenista’s Flora pinboard), see Marie Elisabeth’s Rum.

Above: Pinner Carosanchezs found this image of Paris at Don’t Ever Say Goodbye.

Above: Paris for some reason reminded me of this photo, which I took a few weeks ago at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Above: Flickr finds are the best. Here are some lollipop shrubs Elisabeth Birk-Woerz pinner to her Green pinboard; photograph by Kurt Manley via Flickr. I like these exotically shaped shrubs because they feel so very far away from Northern California, where I’m looking out a window at hummingbirds grazing on monster salvia in bright sunshine.

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