ISSUE 6  |  Romance in the Garden

High/Low: Colored Glass Bulb Vases

February 07, 2017 2:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

One of the greatest discoveries of the Victorian era was that you could force spring bulbs to flower indoors in wintertime. The novelty of being able to cheer up gloomy February parlors with blooming hyacinths and crocuses spawned another trend: the manufacture of glass bulb vases.

The heyday of bulb vases is long gone (why!).  So when we stumbled across a collection of colored glass bulb vases in jewel tones on 1stdibs, we were entranced. But antiques are dear. Could we find colored glass bulb vases priced for a tighter budget? Read on:



Above: For sale on 1stdibs, a collection of English Glass Bulb Vases in various sizes, textures (including swirled or ridged), and jewel colors is priced individually at £440 per item. Each vase was manufactured between 1820 and 1920 in “various gem tone colors such as emerald green, amethyst, amber, aquamarine, topaz and cobalt blue.”



Above: An amethyst purple Hyacinth Vase possibly manufactured in the 1800s by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory is $89 from Vintagerous via Etsy.


Above: A set of five amber glass Forcing Bulb Vases manufactured in Europe is $23.95 from Finesse Uncovered via Etsy.


Above: Made of recycled glass, a HomArt Bulb Vase is available in five colors; $96.60 each from Kulture Bomb.

High: Emerald Green Bulb Vases


Above: The 1stdibs collection includes a pair of emerald green glass bulb vases; £440 apiece.

Low: Emerald Green Bulb Vases


Above: A set of four Emerald Green Glass Bulb Vases made in the 1970s by Ohio-based Anchor Hocking Company is $25 from The Everlasting Garden via Etsy.