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10 Easy Pieces: Bulb Vases


10 Easy Pieces: Bulb Vases

February 3, 2014

I’ve decided that my bulb-forcing containment strategy needs to gain in its sophistication from my childhood bulb-forcing days. Toothpick-supported bulbs in a paper cup just don’t do the trick on my winter windowsill.

The perfect shape for forcing bulbs, bulb vases are designed with a narrow neck to hold the bulb above water and allow roots to dangle and display the tendrils that would otherwise be hidden underground. Here’s a roundup of bulb vases that will support and complement your winter-forced bloom beauties (and can be put to work holding cut flowers the remainder of the year).

For simple instructions to create lovely winter blooms, see Michelle’s Forced Bulb Primer.

Above: Holmegaard’s Celebrate Pearl Vase sized for hyacinth pearl bulbs (will work for other small bulbs like crocus) is a demure 4.12 inches high. Available in an amber shade “bloom” (as shown) or a green shade “evergreen,” it’s $22 at Royal Design.

Above: Holmegaard’s Celebrate Hyacinth Vase and Votive (back, center) is a taller version (7.12 inches high) and comes with a votive candle holder for $64 at Royal Design.

Above: The simple Hyacinth Forcing Jar Trio (L) lets the plant be the focus. The set includes three 5.75-inch-tall vases and three bulbs for $12. The Crocus Forcing Jar Trio has three 4-inch-tall vases and costs $10. Both are at Living Gardens.

Above: The Extra Tall Bulb Vase (R) is15inches high and can accommodate large bulbs such as amaryllis or tulips with tall sides to support the flower and foliage. The Tall Bulb Vase (L) is a smaller version (11 inches tall) perfect for paperwhites; $24 and $18 respectively at Sugarboo & Co.

Above: Art glass meets bulb vase. The Vitrelux Bulb Vase is handblown in Portland, Oregon and is approximately 10.25 inches tall; $140 at Tilde.

Above: Specifically designed for small bulbs, the Smoked Glass Crocus Bulb Vase is available for £3.99 at Crocus in the UK.

Above: Made from recycled glass, Homart’s Bulb Vases measure 4 by 5 inches and are available in five colors including colbalt (as shown); $18 at Abodewares.

Above: The Set of Four Hyacinth Bulb Vases is made of recycled glass molded with ribbing in a mixed color grouping. They stand 6.3-inches tall; $77.60 for the set at Origin Crafts.

Above: The color of the Lime Glass Bulb Vase complements plant foliage and blooms; $12 at Arhaus.

Above: Root tangles too messy for you? Consider a Ceramic Bulb Forcing Vase available in shades of green from one of my favorite Seattle shops, Watson Kennedy; $36 each.

Is your focus on indoor gardening this winter? Consider Wonderful Wardian Cases.

Interested in other bulbs and tubers for your garden or indoor space? Get more ideas on how to plant, grow, and care for various bulbs and tubers with our Bulbs & Tubers: A Field Guide.

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