ISSUE 8  |  The Power of Scent

DIY Flowers: 11 Easy Winter Floral Arrangements

February 25, 2015 2:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

We’ve got a plan for the wintertime flowers currently on offer from your neighborhood florist (or supermarket). We’ve made 11 easy DIY bouquets, each guaranteed to fill a room with the scent of spring:

Above: Erin believes in The Magical Powers of White Cherry Blossoms. Her arguments are persuasive.

Above: If you inherited a fussy cut-glass vase from your grandmother, Lisa Przystup of James’s Daughter Flowers has a plan for rehabilitating it. See her step-by-step instructions in DIY: Reclaiming an Outmoded Vase.

Above: Justine tracks down the earliest lilacs of the season for this bouquet (and she couldn’t resist adding a supermarket tulip for a dash of unexpected lipstick color). To recreate the look, see DIY: Ode to Early Spring Bouquet.

Above: A “sweetly scented, soft and subtle” bouquet is perfumed by tuberose, says Erin, who puts together this DIY Winter Floral Arrangement using jasmine, dusty miller, and feathery grasses.

Above: For winter romance in a vase, see Justine’s DIY: Silver Brunia Bouquet.

Above: Sophia mixes the floral perfumes of gardenias and paperwhites with the earthier herbal scent of geranium leaves in this easy DIY Winter White Arrangement.

Above: Justine brings home an armload of flowers and figures out how to extend her floral arrangement’s life to last all week. See the day-by-day progression in DIY: The Evolving Floral Arrangement.

Above: Erin fills her tiny apartment with the haunting scent of Lily of the Valley, a flower exchanged in France to celebrate the start of May. See the easy instructions in her Bouquet of the Week: Posies of Lily of the Valley.

Above: Kendra visits the heart of Middle England and finds Miss Pickering in “outrageously pretty town” where her flower business thrives on word of mouth. See how Miss Pickering puts together her favorite fragrant bouquets in Shopper’s Diary: Flowers from Miss Pickering.

Above: With three varieties of fragrant lilacs and some stems of bridal wreath spirea, Erin creates a Great Gatsby Floral Arrangement Inspired by Daisy Buchanan.

Above: When Erin sees a bunch of late-winter black and white anemones at her local florist, she can’t resist splurging. See how she arranges them to look effortless in Bouquet of the Week: Black and White Anemones.

For more winter floral inspiration, see: