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DIY Countdown: 8 Simple Decorating Projects for the Holidays

December 14, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

The only thing that surprised us, when we read recently in the newspaper that Martha Stewart is enjoying a resurgence in popularity among young crafters, is that it took them so long to worship her. We are after all talking about the woman who invented the glue gun. (Didn’t she?) This holiday season we’ve been letting our inner Martha run wild in the garden:

Are you feeling crafty as the weekend approaches? If so, here’s a roundup of our own DIY holiday projects. “Simple” and “easy” and “dirt cheap” are good descriptors. Everything we’ve made—from a privet berry garland to tiny wall swags to gilt-tipped greenery—has turned out lovely. If you try one, please post a photo on our Facebook Page to show us how lovely yours is too.

Above: Armed only with a few branches of berries and some thin-gauge wire, Alexa made a privet garland for her apartment. See her wire-wrapping technique at “DIY Video: Holiday Garland.”

Above: Metallic paints from uber-crafter Martha (“She’s such a Suzy homemaker and also did some time in the joint,” as one of her fans explained her appeal in The New York Times recently). Put a paint brush in the hands of Justine and see how she turns twigs and yard trimmings into “DIY: Gilded Holiday Decor.” Photograph by Justine Hand.

Above: Consider making the tree topper yourself with this DIY black star project from Design and Form; see other ideas at 5 Favorites: Tree Toppers.

Above: See our DIY: Rope Light Strand project; image via A Merry Mishap.

Above: To recreate Alexa’s personal take on a traditional Scandinavian wreath, see “DIY Video: A Scandi-Inspired Holiday Wreath.”

Above: In Brooklyn, Erin—our newest Gardenista contributor—turned a tiny apartment festive with wall swags fashioned from foraged greenery. To make your own, see “DIY: Holiday Decor for Small Spaces.” Photograph by Erin Boyle.

Above: Justine also made an advent wreath. See how at “DIY: Simple Advent Wreaths Made from Foraged Flora.”

Above: Fill window boxes with foraged fronds and that extra branch you removed from the bottom of the Christmas tree trunk. See how Erin did it at “DIY: Holiday Window Boxes, Urban Edition.” Photograph by Erin Boyle.