Design Sleuth: Potted Olive Tree by

Issue 70 · Spring Fling · May 3, 2013

Design Sleuth: Potted Olive Tree

Issue 70 · Spring Fling · May 3, 2013

Move over, potted citrus trees. Lacy-leafed olive trees are less finicky indoors and, arguably, more elegant. Don't you agree? 

We spotted this particularly stalwart example of an olive tree trained as a standard on Skona Hem; here's how to get the same look.

potted indoor olive tree via skona hem

Above: Photograph via Skona Hem

Recipe for success: at least six hours a day of direct sun, a deep pot to welcome a root ball, and a position not too close to a window (you don't want the hot sun to burn the olive tree's leaves).

Slow-growing Arbequina olive trees are a good choice for indoors; they are evergreen and 

  potted olive tree from williams sonoma agrarian

Above: A 2.5-year-old Arbequina Olive Tree In Terra-Cotta Pot is $59.95 from Williams-Sonoma Agrarian. This variety's small brown olives are aromatic and taste buttery after being cured.

  diy home cured olive recipe by sarah lonsdale

Above: Photograph by Sarah Lonsdale.

Wondering what to do with your olive harvest? See Sarah's favorite brining recipe at DIY: Home-Cured Olives.

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