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Gardenista Giveaway: The Sharpest Saws from Garrett Wade


Gardenista Giveaway: The Sharpest Saws from Garrett Wade

January 14, 2014

Anon, pruning season is upon us (as Shakespeare might have put it had he been an arborist rather than a playwright). With trees and shrubs dormant this month and next, winter is the best time to prune, shape, and cut out dead wood. Some branches are too big for loppers. Enter the generous folks at Garrett Wade, who are giving away a $200 selection of the the company’s sharpest saws to a randomly selected reader.

This is the third–and final–monthly Gardenista giveaway sponsored this winter by Garrett Wade, sellers since 1975 of high-quality tools. From the company’s selection of 1,700 garden tools, outdoor equipment, and shop tools, Garrett Wade previously awarded a Gardener’s Pruning Tools Collection and a Gardener’s Digging Tools Collection to Gardenista readers. Says Garrett Wade vice president Craig Winer, “The last 38 years we’ve spent combing the world for really well made, interesting tools that will last a lifetime.” 

Garrett Wade will be giving away the $200 saw collection (accompanied here by tips from Garrett Wade product development expert Anthony Francis for using and caring for them) to a randomly selected reader. Here’s how to enter:

Subscribe to our Gardenista Newsletter and leave a comment below describing the winter pruning chores that lay ahead in your garden (if you’ve started already, congratulations on getting the jump on January). If you are already a Gardenista Newsletter subscriber, mention that in your comment below.

The deadline is noon Pacific time Tuesday, January 21 and the winner will be announced on January 23. Be sure to check back to see if you’ve won. (UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. We’ll be announcing the winner later this week!)

Photographs courtesy of Garrett Wade.

Above: A $200 giveaway collection of Garrett Wade saws and supplies includes a folding Japanese pruning saw; an arborist’s trim saw; a professional pruning saw in a leather scabbard (Center); box of oil wipes to clean and lubricate blades $9.95, and a a copy of the second edition of The Pruning Book is $21.95. 

Above: From Japan, a large Folding Pruning Saw is easy to carry. In addition to a tooth-pattern, 10-inch-long blade, it also has a steel handle covered in rubber; the saw is $19.95.

“As you cut through a branch, you don’t want added friction–or rust, and all these saws have sharp, stainless steel blades,” says Anthony Francis. 

Above: An arborist’s Short Pole Trim Saw is $46.30.

“The long handle gives you much more reach before you have to go inside to get a ladder,” says Francis.

If you are cleaning up debris after a storm, make a clean cut at the stump of any torn or broken branches.

Above: The arborist’s pole trim saw has a 15-inch curved blade; the back of the blade sticks out from the handle and functions as a hook to pull down trimmed branches. 

Above: A 14.5-inch Professional Pruning Saw and Scabbard is sheathed in heavy duty harness leather made in Ohio by a company that makes tack for the Amish; it is $96.30 from Garrett Wade.

“It has a nice natural curvature, which makes cutting a curved branch easier,” says Francis.

Above: A box of 24 Ballistol Garden Oil Tool Wipes is $9.95. A versatile oil, it can clean and protect leather (except suede), metal, and wood. 

When cleaning a blade, wipe downward against the blades so you don’t snag, says Francis. 

Above: A revised and updated edition of The Pruning Book by Lee Reich is $21.95. It has hundreds of color photographs, detailed drawings, tips, and tricks for any home gardener facing a pruning challenge.

Subscribe to our Gardenista Newsletter and read about our previous Gardenista Garrett Wade Giveaways.

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