Wonders of the World: Hanging Seashell Gardens by

Issue 86 · To the Beach · August 21, 2013

Wonders of the World: Hanging Seashell Gardens

Issue 86 · To the Beach · August 21, 2013

Spotted via Urban Gardens Web, floral designer Marissa Pretorius' Opus Studio in Cape Town has a way with seashells we couldn't resist.

Photographs via Opus.

seashell planters ant plant dischidia pectinoides opus florist via Gardenista

Above: Pretorius, a refuge from the advertising industry, created Opus Studio in 2010. For more of her story, see Urban Gardens Web.

opus florist shop cape town via Gardenista

Above: While experimenting with floral design, Pretorius became an admirer of Japanese kokedama. Hanging moss balls are an Opus Studio signature arrangement.

opus florist cape town taxidermy bird via Gardenista

Above: Naturalists, take note. Taxidermy is a natural complement to botanical arrangements.

opus florist shop cape town bottles and flowers via Gardenista

Above: Philodendrons, succulents, and orchids are low maintenance choices that Pretorius recommends for hanging seashell gardens.

opus florist cape town terrarium via Gardenista

Above: A miniature terrarium at Opus Studio.

opus florist cape town olive branch wreath via Gardenista

Above: More suspended animation from Opus: olive branches woven into a wreath.

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