Steal This Look: A Black and White Deck, Herb Garden Included by

Issue 29 · Urban Escape · July 22, 2014

Steal This Look: A Black and White Deck, Herb Garden Included

Issue 29 · Urban Escape · July 22, 2014

We spotted this clever and stylish instant herb garden wall via Bambula. Doesn't green look fabulous against a black and white backdrop? All it takes to recreate the look is some white paint, a few black accessories, and herbs. Here's how:

Above: A fence panel, a sturdy trellis, or even a recycled pallet will work fine as an anchor for wooden planter boxes filled with herbs. Photograph via Bambula.

white planter boxes trellis black nylon webbing via Gardenista

Above: Strips of black nylon webbing are threaded through the panels and cinched with plastic buckles to hold the planter boxes flush. Photograph via Bambula.

detail white planter box strapped to trellis with black nylon webbing via Gardenista

Above: Start with simple wooden boxes. You can use any length or configuration that fits your wall, as long as the planters are deep enough to allow the herbs' roots to spread. A 48-inch-long unpainted Natural Cedar Window Box is $65 from Jamali Garden. For other sizes, see 10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Window BoxesPhotograph via Bambula.

  new wood pallet via Gardenista

Above: If you don't have a horizontal slat wood fence, you can make your own version. Start with unfinished wood pallets. You can recycle used pallets or buy a New Wood Pallet; available in four sizes at prices ranging from $17.25 to $49.50 apiece at Uline.

  white painted wood pallets via Gardenista

Above: Sand and paint the pallets and planter boxes; a can of Glossy White Krylon Spray Paint dries quickly enough to be handled within an hour and is $7.49 from Dick Blick. Photograph via Pallet Furniture.

black nylon webbing strap 1 inch wide via Gardenista

Above: You can buy a 10-yard roll of inch-wide Black Nylon Heavy Webbing for $11.95 from Amazon. It's strong enough to support the weight of the planter boxes. Photograph by Whimseydogs via Etsy.

  black plastic buckle clasps via Gardenista

Above: To cinch the boxes tightly, a package of 25 1-inch Duraflex Stealth Plastic Buckles is $12.29 from Amazon. 

potted rosemary topiary tree via Gardenista

Above: An 18-inch-tall Rosemary Standard Topiary tree in a pot will look dramatic against the white horizontal slats of the backdrop. It is $49 from Fresh Topiary.

Fragrant herb collection, Williams-Sonoma; Gardenista

Above: Fill the planters with herbs. A six-plant Fragrant Herb Collection, which includes scented geranium, lemon verbena, spearmint, pineapple sage, lavender, and Tuscan blue rosemary, is $28.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

white plastic outdoor armchair skarpo ikea via Gardenista

Above: A polypropylene White Skarpö Armchair with a drain hole is $59.99 from Ikea.

  Thermos jug, Rosendahl Copenhagen; Gardenista

Above: For an elegantly elongated coffee thermos, the Grand Cru Anniversary Thermos Jug by Rosendahl Copenhagen is $125 from Scandinavian Design Center. 

  black and white striped coffee mug via Gardenista

Above: A black and white striped Tasaraita Mug is $20 from Marimekko.

Do you love a black and white and green color scheme in the garden as much as we do? For more ideas, see another of our favorites: Steal This Look: Black and White Indoor/Outdoor Terrace.

Updated from a post originally published July 17, 2013.

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