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Gardenista Considered Design Awards: Vote for the Best Urban Garden

July 09, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Gardenista Team

Below are the Gardenista finalists for the Best Urban Garden, designed by professionals. To see all the photos for each project, scroll down within each box. You can vote once a day in each category now through July 15. Share images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest using the sharing tools embedded beneath each image. Happy voting!


Kate Monckton Interior Design. A Room Without a Roof in London. London, England. “The idea was to create an extension of the open plan kitchen/dining room that offered privacy and a sense of calm in a small town garden. A room without a roof, tightly packed with lush vegetation. Greens of all shades, set against soft limestone, and washed out Iroko wood.”



Alexandra Tasker Marx Landscape Architect. Low Maintenance Outdoor Living in the Heart of LA. Los Angeles, CA. “This garden is an outdoor home for a small family and their two dogs. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, it is a simple yet vibrant low-maintenance space that supports playing, parties, and relaxing in quiet amidst the chaos of the city.”



Pedersen Associates. A Polished Urban Garden in Pacific Heights. San Francisco, CA. “This intimately scaled and finely detailed entry in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood becomes a cake-like confection of boxwood and low water using groundcovers. Pedersen Associates developed windscreen, deck, stair and fireplace cap detailing to create a unique and intimate gathering area.”



Liz Pulver Design. Colorful Urban Gardening Bags Make Outdoor Gardening Possible Anywhere. Brooklyn, NY. “City gardening isn’t easy! Yet–there are untapped gardening opportunities all around us. From fire escapes to fire hydrants–so many cityscapes await your stylish, gardening touch. To get started, I’ve been developing a line of colorful, easy planters made with urban dwellers in mind. Where to next?”



Feldman Architecture. A Green Roof with Deck Buys Outdoor Space in the City. San Francisco, CA. “The Two Bar concept floats a bedroom bar above and perpendicular to a living bar, an arrangement that allows both spaces to open up to more light than the typical box. A private green roof with deck allows the upper level to also have a connection to garden and landscape.”