ISSUE 8  |  Water Crisis

Drink Up: A Good-Looking Water Filter

February 24, 2014 7:30 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Ready to trade your plastic Brita pitcher for something a little more presentable? This new glass design from Soma just might fit the bill.

Its creation story goes something like this: at a dinner party, the host pulled out his water-filtering plastic pitcher from the refrigerator and while pouring it watched the top fall off and the black-flecked contents splash onto the floor. He and a friend vowed then and there to come up with a more effective and better-looking design for filtering water.


Above: The Soma is a glass carafe inset with a cone-shaped biodegradable filter that needs to be changed every 60 days. It retails for $49 via SF-based Soma and filters cost $12.99 each (if you sign up for Soma’s subscription service, a new one will arrive in the mail when it’s time to swap out the old one.)


Above: Soma has a pour-through lid designed not to fall off–ever. Tap water runs through a cone-shaped filter made of rustic high-tech combination of materials: coconut shell carbon, four layers of silk, and a plant-based plastic casing. Needless to say, there was a long development period between that first dinner party and the product launch, which began with a Kickstarter campaign.



Above: The cone-shaped filter has a removable inset. The hourglass shape makes the carafe easy to grab.


Above: The Soma holds about 48 ounces of water or enough to fill six glasses. The company says its filtered water is crisp and clean tasting. We’re eager to try it. For more, go to Soma.

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