ISSUE 13  |  Signs of Spring

A Splash of Springtime: New Colors for Heath Planters

April 01, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Springtime means bud vases. (And planters for tiny, hopeful shoots. And tumblers that can hold bouquets.)

Here’s a sneak peek at new seasonal colors that go on sale today from San Francisco-based Heath Ceramics (and will be available through September):

Above: A Summer Planter Set is $128. Opaque white, sunrise, and tangerine Planters also are sold separately for $30 apiece. Also available separately is an opaque white Plaza Tray; $38.

Summer Seasonal 2016. Bud Vases in Gossamer, Opaque White, and Sunrise ($26 each). Single Stem vase in Orange Glow ($115).

Above: Bud Vases in gossamer, opaque white, and sunrise are $26 apiece. An orange glow Single Stem Vase is $115.

Summer Seasonal 2016. Tumbler with Wood Collar in Opaque White ($56).

Above: An opaque white Tumbler with a wood collar is $56.

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