ISSUE 57  |  Haberdashery

5 Favorites: Plants for the Bath

January 29, 2013 9:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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The best room in the house (for your plants) is the bath. House plants perform well with natural light and shower mist; as an added bonus, they also purify the air. Since you probably don’t have an outdoor bathtub, they’ll bring a touch of green indoors.


Above: House Balalla Kavanagh in Australia by Tribe Studio Architects.


Above: This courtyard of schefflera plants and light in the bath from Suppose Design Office in Japan is second only to an outdoor bathtub.


Above: House plants near the bathroom window for an outdoor bathtub feel via Skona Hem (L). Potted rosemary in the bath from the home of Jason Gnewikow and Jeff Madalena; via Design Sponge (R).


Above: Mother-in-law tongues from Houseplants as Camouflage.


Above: A wild ivy plant wraps itself around the shower rod via Blood and Champagne (L). Succulents at The Sanitarium Spa in San Luis Obispo, California (R).

For the real outdoor bathtub experience, see 5 Favorites: Outdoor Bathtubs.