10 Favorites: Stylish Summer Lawn Games by

Issue 76 · American Beauty · June 10, 2013

10 Favorites: Stylish Summer Lawn Games

Issue 76 · American Beauty · June 10, 2013

Let's be real: What do you really need for outdoor summer fun? Not much—a lawn and some sun, and you're nearly there. But in case you're in the mood to class it up, here are ten good-looking summertime diversions.

Lawn Bowling Set from Pottery Barn, Gardenista

Above: Pottery Barn modeled its Vintage Bowling Set after antique English versions; $129.

Ladder Golf Lawn Game from LL Bean, Gardenista

Above: We love this all-wood version of ladder golf from L.L. Bean, but the stylish set is out of stock. A good alternative is this Ladder Golf Set from Amazon; $48. Photos by Meredith Perdue

Wood Paddle Ball Set from Terrain, Gardenista

Above: Don't lose these. Terrain's pine paddle ball racquets are embedded with strips of wood reclaimed from old surfboards—a mix of teak, mahogany, purpleheart, and walnut. Hardwood Paddle Ball Set; $228.

Vintage Handmade Baseball and Football from Hickoree's, Gardenista

Above: Remember these? The Hickoree League baseball is $38 from Hickoree's Hard Goods and the Handsome Dan football is $130. 

DIY Outdoor Kids Game from See Jane Blog, Gardenista

Above: Blogger mom See Jane Blog designed this game for her kids and gives step-by-step instructions for making your own. 

Vintage Frisbee from Etsy, Gardenista

Above: Our favorite frisbees are the myriad vintage ones available in secondhand stores and on Etsy, like this Hi-C 1975 Junior World Frisbee Contest Disc from PoorLittleRobin; $12.

Red, White, and Blue Outdoor Dart Set from Best Made Co, Gardenista

Above: This Belgian Dart Set from Best Made Company is handmade in the US; $122.

Bean Bag Toss from Room & Board, Gardenista

Above: The Montego Bean Bag Game Set from Room & Board is pricy at $499 but matches the Montego line of outdoor furniture. 

Vintage Horseshoes Game from Etsy, Gardenista

Above: This stylish Vintage Horseshoe Game is $35 from Injoytreasures on Etsy. 

LL Bean Horseshoes Set Lawn Game, Gardenista

Above: L.L. Bean has been selling steel horseshoes since 1927 and the game endures. Steel Horseshoe Set; $69. 

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