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Shopper’s Diary: Canyon Culture—and Cacti—at Hollyflora in LA


Shopper’s Diary: Canyon Culture—and Cacti—at Hollyflora in LA

August 7, 2015

Hollyflora Market & Courtyard in LA makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a perfectly curated artist’s loft; unique ceramics sit alongside art books you want to look through, and handmade chairs perfect for lounging are draped with the most beautiful textiles.

The boutique, recently opened by Hollyflora co-owners Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman, sells their artist friends’ work, along with seasonal flower bundles and arrangements, and accessories you might need for a dinner party. If you’re lucky, you might catch glimpses of Holly and Becky creating designs for one of their events, since their floral workspace is just behind the shop. 

Photography by Sophia Moreno-Bunge for Gardenista, except where noted. 

Above: The market is housed in an old hangar building; the high ceilings and big windows give it a very airy feel. Plants of all sorts, perfect for the dry LA weather, can be found all over the space.

Above: When designing and curating for the shop, Holly and Becky take into consideration time and place–they are inspired by ’70s psychedelia and Canyon culture. 

Above: Ceramics made specially for Hollyflora.

Above: These delicate beeswax candles are made by hand in the studio; other locally made scented candles and lotions are sold, as well. 

Above: Art books for inspiration. Over the years, Hollyflora has collaborated with LACMA and the Hammer Museum. 

Above: Linens by Heather Taylor are among the many special finds. 

Above: Antique Indian hot pots, perfect for a dinner party. Or pine cones. 

Above: A Dada-inspired vase made by Holly’s artist husband, Josh Beckman.

Above: Comfortable handmade chairs–and the coolest geometric side tables. 

Above: An exotic arrangement made with nerine lilies, ligustrum berries, and proteas. Photograph by Jeana Sohn for LA in Bloom

Above: Intricately handmade plant hangers. Photograph by Jeana Sohn for LA in Bloom.

Above: The market and workspace give way to an open-air courtyard in the back where Holly and Becky have planted unusual plants they can cut from to make arrangements. They’ll also use the space for workshops, gatherings, and parties. 

Above: Can’t go without the classic California citrus. Holly’s mother has an orchard in Ojai, a source of inspiration and special materials she and Becky use in their work. 

Above: A shady area reserved for the begonias, abutilons, and the most wild bleeding heart vine I’ve come across (look this up immediately.)

Above: Begonias (L) and abutilons.

Above: A potting table covered in succulents. 

Above: Hollyflora Market & Courtyard is located at 5046 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019. Hours are from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday through Friday, and by appointment.

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