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Editors’ Picks: 19 Favorite Spring DIYs in Our Own Homes


Editors’ Picks: 19 Favorite Spring DIYs in Our Own Homes

April 22, 2016

Spring sunshine gives us the DIY design bug, bad. Here are 19 easy DIY projects our editors swear by–we’ve done them all at least once, outdoors or in–with step-by-step instructions for each:

DIY Indoor Outdoor Living


Above: After a quick trip to the hardware store to get a dropcloth and some hooks, Alexa made a rather glamorous DIY Instant Hammock.


Above: Izabella figured out it only costs $5 to make a stylish DIY Concrete Stool.

finished razor clam light Justine Hand

Above: Justine collected shells on the shore at Cape Cod to make a DIY Razor Clam Pendant Light.


Above: Dalilah made patio planters in DIY on a Budget: Mini Concrete Planters for $30.


Above: Meredith built her own DIY Custom Window Boxes with lumber and black stain.

DIY Spring-Flowering Branches


Above: Inspired by working side by side with White House florist Emily Thompson, Sophia used spring flowering branches to arrange DIY Magnolias and More, with Emily Thompson.


Above: Justine figured out how to extend the life of woody flowering branches with an angled cut when she made her Ode to Spring DIY Bouquet.


Above: The Magical Powers of DIY White Cherry Blossoms transformed Erin’s tiny Brooklyn apartment into a fairyland of flowers.


Above: In Flower Arranging 101, Erin experimented with a homemade flower frog to hold stems in place in a simple vase.


Above: Fearless flower forager Louesa Roebuck taught Sarah the easy way to make a DIY: Ikebana Arrangement with Magnolias.

DIY Quick-Fix Decor


Above: It took the better part of two days, but Michelle is glad she lined a sideboard drawer with silvercloth to make a DIY Custom Silverware Drawer Insert.


Above: With a few strands of wire and a pair of needle-nose pliers, Erin made a DIY Black Wire Hanging Vase that looks at home in every room of her apartment.


Above: Alexa’s kitchen knives are display worthy, so she made a DIY Wall Mounted Leather Knife Rack for them.


Above: Erin learned that a DIY Woven Doormat requires 100 feet of rope (and garden gloves).

gardening 101 indoor terrarium how to 4 ; Gardenista

Above: Here are step-by-step instructions to make Michelle’s easy DIY Succulents Terrarium.

DIY Garden Style

DIY waxed canvas, supplies, Gardenista

Above: With $15 of supplies, Justine made her own DIY Waxed Canvas Tote.


Above: Sarah Waldo Jagger came up with a beginner’s sewing pattern so we could make our own DIY Roll-Up Gardener’s Tool Aprons.

DIY Indoor Gardens


Above: Cheryl potted some easy modern DIY: No-Fuss Bonsai for Beginners.

Compost Garden and kids-733x1100

Above: Justine and her kids grew an indoor DIY Compost Garden on the windowsill.


Above: Erin found the perfect DIY Low Light Houseplant.

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