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10 Easy Pieces: Wire Harvest Baskets


10 Easy Pieces: Wire Harvest Baskets

October 18, 2016

It might interest you to know that U.S. Patent No. 286,952 was granted in 1883 to one William J. Moore of Weatherford, Texas for a new and improved wire harvest basket, the manufacture of which involved threading a wire through a top and a bottom hoop to form “an open net-work of reverse diagonally arranged or crossing wires.” If you think this sounds complicated, imagine how labor-intensive it was to make the handles.

Fast-forward to the 21st century for more improvements in the world of woven wire—oblong baskets, conical baskets, clam buckets, and wooden handles. What remains the same, however, is the object’s usefulness. A single wire basket is versatile enough to hold potatoes gathered from the garden or a stack of blankets in a bedroom.

Here are 10 of our favorite modern wire baskets, to gather and store valuables found outdoors or in:


Above: A Vintage Potato Basket “formerly used in Denmark to collect potatoes” is 22.5 inches in diameter and is $79.95 from Williams-Sonoma.


Above: From France-based homewares house Combrichon, a galvanized wire basket is “equally at home in the garden as in the kitchen,” notes housewares shop Goodwares, where a Wire Basket with a wooden handle is £35.


Above: Round wire baskets with wire handles, Fog Linen Baskets come in three sizes. A Large Round Basket (in back) is $95 NZ from Father Rabbit.


Above: Handmade in Sweden by Korbo, a 15-liter Galvanized Wire Bucket is woven from a single long strand of wire. “There are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart,” notes Finnish Design Shop; $76.60. For US shoppers, the Korbo Bucket Basket also is available in three sizes at prices ranging from $125 to $190 apiece from Canoe.


Above: Each one of a kind, Antique Zinc Potato Baskets originally used to gather crops on a farm in Belgium are $128 apiece from Terrain.


Above: A galvanized Peck Clam Basket with a bale handle is $29.95 from Clamming.


Above: A Holger Iron Basket with two handles measures 14 inches in diameter and is 11 inches high; $24 from Scandinavian Designs.


Above: Made in Germany, a Wire Vegetable Harvest Basket measures 18.5 inches long; $40 from Urban Homestead Supply.


Above: A 40-quart Bushel Clam Basket with grip handles is $49.95 from Clamming.


Above: A Wire Apple Basket made of powder coated iron is $ from Williams-Sonoma.

Is storage on your mind? See more indoor-outdoor options at 10 Easy Pieces: Bushel Baskets and 10 Easy Pieces: Stepladder Plant Stands.

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