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10 Easy Pieces: Whetstones to Sharpen Tools


10 Easy Pieces: Whetstones to Sharpen Tools

January 12, 2017

It can be a very meditative undertaking in winter to clean, sharp, and polish garden tools. God knows there won’t be time once spring is upon us. To get the job done, here are 10 of our favorite whetstones:


Above: From Japan-based Yoshihiro, a Professional Grade Japanese Whetstone on a wooden base is available in three grits, suitable for coarse or fine grinding, at prices ranging from &94.99 to $109.99 at Amazon.


Above: A Belgian Grind Stone from the Ardennes has “two separate clay slates glued together to form a somewhat irregular double-layer block,” notes retailer Manufactum. “The blue/black side is used for the preparatory coarse filing work, while the light-colored side with its sandy surface looks after the finer finish.” IT is €28.50.


Above: A dual-sided Combination Whetstone from Japan-based Shun is designed specially to sharpen dull knife blades; $79.95 from Williams-Sonoma.


Above: A Tool Maintenance Kit from Sneeboer has a whetstone with a hardware handle. The tool care kit, which comes in a wooden box, also has a wire brush with brass  bristles, a bottle of linseed oil, and a soft cloth to apply the oil to wooden handles. It is $68 from Garden Tools Company.


Above: From Wüsthof, a Whetstone to sharpen knives measures about 6 inches long; $47 from Royal Design.


Above: Designed to sharpen a long blade, a Whetstone for Scythe is 9 inches long; €5.10 from Manufactum.


Above: A 13-inch Whetstone Garden Tool Sharpener from Holland-based Sneeboer has an extra-hard silicon-carbide stone and is $32 from Terrain.


Above: A set of three Gouken Stones (coarse, fine, and super fine) are designed specially to sharpen pruners. “The concave edge follows the curve of the blade perfectly, and they’re small enough to get into tight spots,” says Jake Hobson of Niwaki; £36.25 (also sold separately).


Above: Norton India Bench Stones are oilstones made with aluminum oxide abrasive, old separately in three grades (fine, medium, and coarse) for $18.97 apiece or as a set for $50.91 from Sharpening Supplies.


Above: Made in Japan, a three-piece Waterstone Sharpening Set comes with an 800/4000 combination water stone, a 6000 single-grit waterstone and a Nagura stone to enhance polishing. It is $64.99 from Rockler.

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