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10 Easy Pieces: Self-Watering Pots and Planters


10 Easy Pieces: Self-Watering Pots and Planters

Michelle Slatalla January 26, 2016

Headed out of town? Dog sitter (check), house sitter (check), cat sitter (if necessary). But a plant sitter? No thank you. Instead, we’ve rounded up 10 stylish self-watering pots to keep your plants alive while you’re away.


Above: Industrial designer Richard Carlson’s small green Self Watering Planter is made of BPA-free plastic and is $39 NZ from Everyday Needs.


Above: A stackable, two-piece Ceramic Self Watering Planter with a removable water tray helps roots “siphon moisture as needed;” $84 from Kaufmann Mercantile.


Above: A cylindrical stoneware Self Watering Planter by Chromo has an indented channel on one side of the pot to make it easy to pour water into the planter’s ceramic drip tray; available in two sizes, from $75 to $100 apiece, depending on size from Light + Ladder.

Says Brooklyn design collaborative Light + Ladder, “The planter stacks into the drip tray, drawing water through a single hole that extends into the reservoir. Additional drainage holes around the planter base offer aeration. The tray holds excess water, allowing the plant to draw water as needed.

For more, see An Irresistible Self-Watering Planter.


Above: From Danish designer Eva Solo, a frosted glass Self Watering Herb Pot has a wick to draw up moisture, into plants’ roots; available in two sizes, at prices from $49 to 49 at Amazon (depending on size). Both sizes of a Self Watering Herb Pot also are available, for from $48 to $61 apiece, at John Lewis in the UK.


Above: Made in Japan, a ceramic Sui Sui Self Watering Planter pulls up water into a white porcelain funnel that holds a plant is $34.36. Sold separately, a wide-mouthed glass Rounded Water Container is $4.49; both from Lotus Mart.


Above: Sarah reports: “Designer Joey Roth’s Self Watering Planter does require filling with water once in a while but that’s it. Plants are placed in soil in the outer doughnut-shaped chamber, and the center chamber is filled with water. The natural porosity of the unglazed terra cotta allows the water to move from the center chamber and into the soil, based on the soil’s moisture.” Planters are available in several colors, including Gray as shown; $50 at Joey Roth.

For more, see Self-Watering Terracotta Planter by Joey Roth.


Above: For larger plants, a self-watering resin Blow Planter from designer Stefano Giovannoni is available in five sizes at prices ranging from $112 to $1,361 (a size useful for a large potted tree) from 2 Modern.

It’s one of the best-kept Secrets of Brooklyn: Shop Outdoor Designs with Landscaper Julie Farris.


Above: From Sweden’s Cult Design team, a collection of terra cotta pots with absorbent felt wicks to draw up water are designed for countertop kitchen use. A  Self-Watering Herb Pot is $29.99 from Aka Dwelling.

For more about Cult Design’s collection, see A Kitchen Herb Garden You Can Sprout on a Countertop.

Orthex-Eden Self-Watering Herb Planter Set

Above: From Orthex, a trio of self-watering pots have hydro-felt mats to maintain moisture for roots. A measuring stick alerts you to add more water as necessary. A four-piece Self Watering Herb Pot Set comes with a tray plus three pots; $31 from John Lewis.


Above: A self-watering Pleated Planter from Toronto-based MSDS design practice has a wick to keep roots moist and is $60 from Umbra Shift.

See more planters for a terrace at 10 Easy Pieces: Black Balcony Box Style Planters.

For more irrigation inspiration, see:

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