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10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Teepee Tents


10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Teepee Tents

July 9, 2014

Technically a teepee is shaped like a cone, but we’re willing to expand the definition to include any peaked pyramid shape, whether it has a square floor or a round one. Here are 10 we’d love to camp out in this summer (even if it’s only in the backyard).

Above: Guests at the Minam River Lodge in northeast Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness can stay in a traditional teepee, which even has a fire inside for chilly nights.

Above: Suitable for camping or backyard sleepovers, Handmade Canvas Range Tent made of 100% cotton comes with a zippered flap, oak stakes, and steel-fitted Douglas fir poles. The base measures 7 by 9 feet (the height is adjustable); it is $619 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: A Pyramid Tent comes in four colors (white, tan, suntan, and gray) and has a skeleton of reinforcement webbing to prevent sagging. The tents are made in canvas in two sizes, with prices starting at $430 (the optional teepee-style oval door, shown here, is $75; a screen window is an additional $135). For more information, see Tentsmiths.

Above: A six-paneled Paintable Great Plains Tent is designed for backyard play. It comes in three sizes, ranging from a 6-foot teepee (which is 4 feet tall inside) to a 12-foot teepee (with an interior height of 9 feet). Prices range from $194.90 to $519.90 from Rosenberry Rooms.

Above: House Inhabit on Etsy sells Fold Away Teepees that range in height from 5 to 6 feet; $150 for the 6-foot size.

Above: Stable in high winds because it has no vertical sides, a canvas Miner Tent comes in two sizes and can be customized with windows and a stove-pipe hole; prices start at $290 from Beckel Canvas Products. Photograph via Made Collection.

Above: Designed for sleepovers, a Red Trim Teepee is 60 inches square and 85 inches high (blue and gray trim are also available). Recommended for indoor use, it’s not weatherproof (but we might sneak it outdoors for one night in nice weather). Made of cotton canvas with an aluminum frame; $249 from Pottery Barn Kids.

Above: The Giant 8-Foot Canvas Teepee with bamboo poles is $195 from PlayHaven on Etsy.

Above: Custom-made symmetrical Canvas Tipis have triple-stitched covers for durability. Available in diameters ranging from 10 to 30 feet; for prices and more information see Porcupine Canvas.

Above: With sewn-in vinyl floors, pyramidal Range Tents keep belongings (and campers) dry. The Army duck canvas tents come in three standard sizes; have screened windows and doors, A-frame pole sets and five stakes; and are built to withstand the weather: They’re waterproof and mildew- and fire-resistant. Prices start at $749 for an 8-by-8-foot tent. For more information, see Cowboy Camp.

Spending a night or more in the woods? Prepare by reading all our posts on Camping (we have a few things to say on the subjects of Classic Oil Lanterns and How to Stay Alive in the Woods). And on Remodelista, check out Camping Gets Glamorous: Shelter Co. in California.

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Product summary  

Tents & Sleeping Bags

Pyramid Tents

$430.00 USD from Tentsmiths
Tents & Sleeping Bags

Miner Tent

$290.00 USD from Beckel Canvas
Children's Play Structures

Teepee, Red Trim

$249.00 USD from Pottery Barn Kids

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