Expansion Compost Box

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Product: Expansion Compost Box
Retailer: Manufactum

For the cultivation of additional chambers to our compost box in the basic version . In use, highly capable and very simple in construction as the compost box is this extension element . For 30 years, it is produced : from materials which guarantee a long-term use . The post of steel reinforced concrete no wear is expected. And for the boards installed by the manufacturer , only for us , native larch . We chose it because it is a very resinous and thus damp resistant and overall very obstructive wood . ( Usually used pressure treated pine . ) .

18 boards from untreated larch , 2 central post from steel reinforced concrete , steel fasteners . Extends the compost box to 1.05 m to a total width of 2.2 m . Height 1 m , depth 1.16 m . Weight 83 kg. Supplied with assembly instructions without compost box ( basic module ) .

Multichamber economy : For the large self-catering garden compost economy is divided into two or three chambers ideal – a few weeks after the preparation of the compost will be reallocated to the neighboring chamber, thereby mixed and well ventilated, and can continue to mature, while in the first chamber again new green waste are deposited. The advantage: “Alt” and remain “new” separately, which guarantees a consistently good compost quality in the different stages of maturation.

Construction and compost removal : The posts are held together by tie rods and screwed, our supplier recommends that they be placed on four paving stones, so they do not sink into the ground. To receive the larch boards the concrete pillars are provided with matching grooves in which the boards are loosely inserted – another attachment do not need them. Thus, in order to create sufficient space for the removal of mature compost, the bottom boards are removed without much effort.