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Required Reading: The Plant Journal

August 07, 2012 11:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

When Barcelona-based Cristina Merino was dreaming up the biannual Plant Journal publication, she was responding to the recent renewed interest of artists and designers in plants and all things botanical.

Friends of cultish Spanish magazine Apartmento, Merino and graphic designers Isabel Merino and Carol Montpart set out to compile stories all based around the bond between creatives and their plants. The Plant Journal is a healthy mix of fictional stories, interviews with plant-loving artists, and gardening instructions. When a friend of mine dropped off a well-read copy of Issue Two: Monstera Deliciosa, I read the second installment of the magazine in an hour’s time. Beyond an inspiring feature on Piet Oudolf, I most enjoyed a short piece on an overgrown Mexican Sedum morganianum in a plumbing shop’s window in Hudson, New York.

To find a copy of Issue Two, visit The Plant Journal.


Above: A few copies of Issue One: Staghorn Fern.


Above: Photograph from Flower Waterers by Chris Kabel in Issue Two; Dutch designer Kabel researched making an invisible vase based on a farmhouse chicken water-er.


Above: A piece by contributor Philip Watts on Vines and Small Gardens.


Above: Photograph by Adria Canameras for The Plant Journal.


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