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DIY: An Easy Way to Grow Celery from Its Root

April 03, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Only recently have I begun to appreciate the celery stalk—adding it to soups and grinding it down into a salt—as my new kitchen secret for adding subtle bits of flavor. So when I spotted this resourceful celery growing experiment from Mary Andrews and Tim Vidra, I thought I would share their findings. See the process below and see more at 17 Apart.

Photography from 17 Apart.

Above: The celery plant after about three weeks of growth.

Above: After you’ve eaten the stalks and inner leaves of your organic store-bought celery, save the root. Rinse it, and place it in a bowl of warm water near a sun-soaked windowsill; base down, stalk up.

Above: After about a week in the water bowl, transfer the root to a pot filled with mulch and potting soil for proper drainage.

Above: Water the celery generously (and continue to water at consistent intervals, being careful not to over water the plant—you don’t want the leaves to turn yellow).

Above: Andrews and Vidra’s celery plant, as it began to grow out of the oatmeal can.

Above: The result is an established celery plant with leaves you can carefully use right away—and stalks you can use later as the celery continues to grow.

For a great celery salt recipe, try this one from 101 Cookbooks; for more DIY ideas see our previous posts: Maidenhair Fern for Bathroom Greenery and Bottle-Fed Paperwhites.