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10 Easy Pieces: Garden Clogs and Ankle Boots

September 03, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Given the choice, I’d go barefoot. It doesn’t matter if it’s sand between my toes or fresh garden mud, I like the feeling of my bare feet planted directly on the earth. When I was younger, my sisters and I had contests to see whose feet were toughest; the test was walking barefoot across our gravel driveway without wincing.

Unfortunately rigorous gardening duties require shoes. Here are a few of my favorite ways to compromise, with clogs and low boots:


This minty Green Rue Slip-On is $78 from Bogs Footwear.

The Tretorn Skerry offers more in the way of protection for delicate ankles; $80 from Tretorn.

This gardening clog features a slightly more sturdy tread, making it perfect for gardening on a slope. The Aigle Limpo Gardening Shoe is €29 from Aigle.

Jolly Garden Clogs are a true gardening classic. They’re $47.95 from Gardener’s Supply.



A warm weather counterpart to the iconic bean boot, these Rubber Mocs from L.L. Bean are $79.


Above: From Hunter, the Short Original Boot is $138 from Zappo’s.


Above: A pair of Classic Birki by Birkenstock is $54.95.


Above: Green Garden Clogs have slip-resistant soles; $29.95 from Green Products.


Above: Farmer friends swear by the Mud Muck Garden Shoes, on sale for $64.95 from the Muck Boot Co.


Sloggers Classic Garden Clogs are a nice low profile option. The garden boots are available starting at $28.65.