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Trend Alert: The ‘It’ Boots Loved by Both Fashionistas and Gardenistas


Trend Alert: The ‘It’ Boots Loved by Both Fashionistas and Gardenistas

November 9, 2023

It’s unusual that fashion trends intersect with the gardening world, where practicality, not sartorial whims, tend to rule. And long may that last. But lately it’s been hard to avoid the fact that almost every gardener, grower and, often, designers, too, seem to be united in their devotion to Blundstone boots.

The Chelsea boots’ rise to ubiquity is down to several factors: easy elasticated sides that allow the boots to be pulled on and off in a mere second or two and; comfort that doesn’t require a break-in period (it is truly the unbox-and-wear boot); functional soles; water resistance; and near indestructible construction. But I think it’s the boots ability to look appropriate in almost any setting, easily traversing from muddy borders to city pavements, that has elevated them to ‘It” status.

Above: At Great Dixter, Blundstone’s Safety Boot series are the boot of choice with their leather uppers, a kickguard, steel toe, as well as a heat-resistant outsole (up to 140 degrees Farenheit). Here, volunteer Louise Bell works on the meadow’s yew topiary in her steel-capped boots. Photograph courtesy of Louise Bell.

After long-term devotion to the original boot, I recently tried out the winter thermal series which features shearling insoles and Thinsulate lining. And they are just as comfy and practical as the original all-season styles.

Above: The waterproof Thermal Series Chelsea boot in rustic brown is £210 ($249.95). Photograph courtesy of Blundstone.

The company was founded in the nineteenth century in Hobart, Tasmania, where the firm is still based, when British immigrant John Blundstone set up a shoe business, at first importing British made Chelsea boots and then later establishing his own factory and tannery and producing his own footwear. Despite his son joining the family business, by the Great Depression, the family was forced to sell to another family, the Cuthbertsons, who had also relocated from England and set up a shoe business in the mid-nineteenth century. Their descendants are still involved in the family firm.

Above: Fellow Dixter volunteer Marc O’Neil, fashion designer turned garden designer, wears the brand’s vegan boots, which were introduced a couple of years ago. For professional site work, though, he says that the steel toe-capped boots are a requirement. Photograph courtesy of Louise Bell.

Earlier this year the New York Times suggested that the humble boots could well be the defining footwear of the early 2020s. A few months later Kate Moss was on the cover of HTSI, the Financial Times weekend magazine, in a shimmering long Missoni gown and Blundstone Originals and shared that they are her go-to boot for Glastonbury, gardening, and dog walking, too. And this is the boot’s secret power—it can segue from muddy borders to city chic in an instant.

Above: The Original Boot in stout brown is £170 ($209.95).

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Frequently asked questions

What is the trend being discussed in the article?

The trend being discussed in the article is the popularity of Blundstone work boots among fashionistas and gardenistas.

Who is the target audience for this trend?

The target audience for this trend includes fashionistas and gardenistas.

What are Blundstone work boots?

Blundstone work boots are a brand of durable and comfortable boots originally designed for work environments but have gained popularity as a fashion statement.

Why are Blundstone work boots loved by fashionistas and gardenistas?

Blundstone work boots are loved by fashionistas and gardenistas because they combine style with practicality. They are comfortable, versatile, and can be dressed up or down to suit different occasions and outfits.

Are Blundstone work boots only suitable for work environments?

No, Blundstone work boots are not just suitable for work environments. They have become a fashion trend and can be worn for various casual occasions.

Where can one purchase Blundstone work boots?

Blundstone work boots can be purchased from various retailers and online stores. The official Blundstone website also offers a wide range of styles and sizes.

Do Blundstone work boots require any special care?

Blundstone work boots are made from high-quality materials, but they may require regular cleaning and conditioning to maintain their appearance and durability. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

What are some styling tips for wearing Blundstone work boots?

Blundstone work boots can be styled in numerous ways. They look great when paired with jeans or leggings and can be complemented with oversized sweaters, denim jackets, or even dresses. The key is to create a balanced and fashionable outfit.

Can Blundstone work boots be worn in all weather conditions?

Blundstone work boots are designed to be sturdy and can withstand various weather conditions. However, it is recommended to check the specific model's features to ensure they are suitable for the intended usage.

Are Blundstone work boots available in different colors and sizes?

Yes, Blundstone work boots are available in different colors and sizes to cater to individual preferences. They offer a range of options to accommodate various style preferences and foot sizes.

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