10 Easy Pieces: Etsy's Best Canvas Carry-Alls by

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 10, 2014

10 Easy Pieces: Etsy's Best Canvas Carry-Alls

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 10, 2014

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Rugged and timeless, just like Dad, waxed canvas carry-alls are the perfect way to honor the hardworking style of fathers everywhere. Here are our Etsy favorites to help Dad store and carry everything from logs to laptops, and from toiletries to tools.

Duffle Bag by Peg and Awl, Gardenista

Above: A piece of history, Peg and Awl's extra-large, handmade Waxed Canvas Weekender Bag has leather straps that come from WWII gunslings; $320.

waxed cotton half apron by Volcano, Gardenista

Above: The Volcano Store's Waxed Duck Canvas Half Apron is an efficient and elegant way to carry your tools as you work; $44.

Toiletries kit by ItalicHome, Gardenista

Above: Handmade from lightweight yet durable waxed canvas, Italic Home's Jack Dopp Kit in caramel brown is perfect for the traveling man; $60.

Personal Effects Bag by Artifact, Gardenista

Above: Stash your phone charger, loose change, business cards, and other odds and ends in Artifact Bag's No. 9 Personal Effects Bag. It comes in nine color combinations of waxed canvas and Horween leather; $75.

Croaker Sack Bag by Peg and Awl, Gardenista

Above: Inspired by a WWI Navy laundry bag and an apple picking bag from the early 1900s, Peg and Awl's Waxed Canvas Croaker Sack has two interior pockets and adjustable cotton rope straps; $104.

Bike Tool Bag by Overlap, Gardenista

Above: Roadside assistance for your bicycle, Overlap's Waxed Canvas Bike Tool Bag Wrap straps right to your bike; $36. Not just for tools, it holds a phone, money and more.

(For more clever storage for your bike, see Bicycle Bags From Save the C.)

Garden Tool Tote Bag by Artifact, Gardenista

Above: Don't be fooled by the elegant look of Artifact's No. 175-L Garden/Tool Tote in Waxed Canvas & Horween Leather. Owner and designer Chris Hughes uses this "versatile workhorse" for everything: books, tools, laptop, and groceries. Available in five color combinations; $300.

tool roll by Volcano Store, Gardenista

Above: For compact tools, Volcano Store's Handmade Tool Roll in Waxed Heavy Duty Canvas can also be worn as an apron. Available in black, tan, charcoal, olive, and red; $22.

Log Carrier by Rugged Material, Gardenista

Above: Forget using your arms, Rugged Material's Waxed Canvas Log Firewood Carrier Tote can heft up to 100 pounds of wood; $60.

waxed cotton lunch bag by Overlap, Gardenista

Above: The eco-friendly "brown bag," Overlap's Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag comes in olive green, gray, brown, and black; $48.

N.B. Want to see some other enduring and versatile totes? See 10 Easy Pieces: Log Carrier Bags and 10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Weekender Bags.

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