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Rugged Garden Style by Artifact Bag Co.


Rugged Garden Style by Artifact Bag Co.

September 10, 2013

Here at Gardenista we relish garden garb that’s both rugged enough to stand up to our active lifestyles, yet sophisticated enough to tote down town. Hence the artisanal goods of Artifact Bag Co. recently captured our attention.

Hand tooled by Chris Hughes in his studio in Omaha, Nebraska, Artifact bags and aprons are made using only American-sourced waxed canvas, leather, thread, and binding. Like any good garden tool, these beautifully crafted products are engineered for heavy use, developing a rich patina over time that only adds to their character.

Above: Chris Hughes’ personal choice, the artisan totes this ruggedly stylish Tool and Garden Bag everywhere: to the grocery store or apple orchards, on business travel, and on trips to the local flea. Made from olive twill waxed canvas with saddle leather handles and bottom, it’s roomy enough for his laptop and sturdy enough for his tools; $375.

Above: Originally designed for a carpenter, this leather and waxed canvas tote in rust features a durable double ply botton and extra deep pockets; $175.

Above: Chris begins each work day by donning his apron which contains his awl, a measuring tape, a metal ruler, a folded rag for leaky machines, a tailor crayon, a pencil, and his favorite wood-handled screwdriver. Featuring 14 oz. waxed cotton canvas, Horween Leather straps, and hand-aged brass hardware, this Artisan’s Apron is designed in honor of all who make and maintain things; $145.

Above: The Artisan’s Apron is also available in selvage denim ($145) or in rust waxed canvas with cotton straps; $98. For a complete catalog of Artifact bags and aprons, visit the website.

Above: A detail of the Horween leather straps with brass hardware on the back of one of Artifact’s aprons shows the quality of workmanship.

Above: Ruggedly stylish lunch totes are available in rust and olive; $65.

Above: For smaller jobs, the Barkeeper Apron might just do the trick; $65.

Above: Sans leather bottom, Artifact’s Tool and Garden Tote in slate is another sturdy and stylish option; $175.

N.B. Want more rugged garden style? Explore more of our picks for clever canvas tool storage.

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