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The Hanging Kitchen Garden by Boskke


The Hanging Kitchen Garden by Boskke

March 11, 2014

It’s a conundrum. With their refined palates, many urbanites would love nothing more than to grow fresh herbs for their own meals. But in tiny apartments where even a windowsill is considered prime real estate, this might not be possible. Enter Boskke Sky Planters.

Thanks to Boskke, which derives its name from the Old English term “bosky” meaning “a small forest,” it’s possible to have fresh herbs and other plants all over the house. All you need is a little ceiling space. 

Looking for the perfect hanging planter? See more of our favorites in 10 Easy Pieces: White Hanging Planters.

Above: Hanging right overhead, Boskke planters could not be more user friendly. And I actually don’t think they are limited to small spaces. I’m considering some for my large kitchen, where I think they would create a greater sense of intimacy.

Above: Boskke Sky Planters come in a variety of materials–from ceramic to recycled plastic–sizes, and colors. Shown here, their Ceramic Medium White (L); $59, and Ceramic Small White (R); $35. Each planter comes with a ceiling hook and mount. Ceiling Extensions are sold separately for $11.95 each.

Above: A Boskke Wall Mount is also available in Small and Large; $11.95 and $15.95.

Prefer the look of Scandanavian bentwood? See Back to the Future: A 1970s Style Wooden Hanging Planter.

Above: Boskke’s Recycled Sky Planter ($27.95) has a float stick to indicate water level. Eco-friendly and easy to use (just water from the top), Boskke Sky Planters have a unique reservoir system that feeds water gradually to the plant roots and minimizes moisture loss through evaporation or drainage. A medium-sized Sky Planter will typically hold enough water to last up to two weeks in a temperate climate. 

Above: Plants are held securely in place by a locking lip with mesh.

Above: Not just for herbs, Sky Planters also work well with a variety of other plants. Boskke’s website provides a detailed list of Top Plants for growing in the Sky Planters, along with helpful care instructions.

Above: Though all Sky Planters can also be used outside, Boskke offers an Outdoor Planter for large plants. Available in black, white, and red; $37.95.

Want more creative space-saving solutions? We’ve gathered some of our Favorite Hanging Planters. Over at Remodelista, artist Wendy Furman recently shared 10 Secrets for Living in a Small Space and Sarah Lonsdale revealed her Favorite Utensils for Small Space Cooking.

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