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The Evia Heated Lounge by Galanter & Jones


The Evia Heated Lounge by Galanter & Jones

October 12, 2015

If you’re like most people, you use lawn furniture about as often as your bathing suit: only if the weather is appropriately warm and most often while on a tropical vacation. During winter months you might think, why shiver outside when you’ve got a cozy living room?

Enter Galanter & Jones, the heated outdoor furniture company that’s changing how (and how often) we experience the backyard. Owners Aaron and Miranda Jones (they’re brother and sister) debuted their first design, the four-seater lounge chair Helios ($7,900) in 2013, and a year later introduced the three-seater Evia Heated Lounge ($5,900).

We think garden guru Flora Grubb said it perfectly: “This is the best thing to happen in outdoor furniture in, oh, forever.”

Photography by Laure Joliet.

Above: Inspired by a love for classic leather sling chairs, the Evia Heated Lounge is more modern in its sleek lines than the curvy Helios. “We wanted to create that same feeling of lightness and movement, but with concrete,” says Miranda. “We also wanted to make sure clients who are interested in something smaller [than the Helios] could enjoy the benefit of heated outdoor seating.”

Above: With a cast stone surface and powder-coated steel base, the favorite design feature is the one you don’t see: The bench heats the body (like the radiant flooring in your home) through an integrated variable control system that’s so energy efficient the electricity use is comparable to that of a hair dryer. (Unlike radiant flooring, the Evia arrives plug-in ready–with on/off buttons and a thermostat.)

Above: Equal parts style and function, the Evia and Helios heated lounges are as much garden art as they are all-season lawn furniture. “Having the Helios means that we now can use our outdoor space year-round,” says customer Marianna Leuschel of Gualala, California, “And like its name implies, it has become the center of our universe.”

Above: Currently available in five seat colors (Arctic White, Helios Orange, Charcoal, Loam and River Rock) and four base options (White, Black, Brass, and Silver), watch for more color combinations available for the Evia soon.

Above: For the Galanter & Jones brother/sister team, Aaron and Miranda Jones, creativity runs in the family.

Above: While the Evia‘s classic design and neutral color palette will complement your other outdoor furniture, there will be jealousy.

For more, see Remodeling 101: Five Things to Know About Radiant Floor Heating for more on keeping your toes toasty. Heated furniture not necessary in your climate? See 10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Chaise Longues for plug-free options.

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