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10 Easy Pieces: Glass Cloche Terrariums


10 Easy Pieces: Glass Cloche Terrariums

August 23, 2016

It might be rare to see vintage oversized French garden cloches protecting delicate winter greens in the outdoor garden, but glass cloches still have their place on mantelpieces and bookshelves inside. Whether you use your glass cloche to protect an African violet or a delicate maiden hair fern, here are ten options for your indoor garden:


Above: Available in three heights ranging from 13 to 20 inches a Glass Display Cloche is from $58 to $198 depending on size at Anthropologie.


Above: Vintage-style Glass Cloche Terrariums have either round or square bases and are available in three heights; from $29 to $49 depending on style at West Elm.


Above: Terrariums in three sizes (from 13 to 17 inches high) are available at prices ranging from $122.50 to $272.50 from Campo de’ Fiori.


Above: At 11 inches tall, a Glass Cloche is $13.90 from Amazon.


Above: Available with a base in two colors, an Earth Fired Clay Cloche Set  has a drainage hole and a glass dome that measure 6.8 inches high; $28 from Terrain.


Above: Designed to cover a candle, we think this small glass Candle Cloche from Farmhouse Pottery could be just right for a diminutive plant specimen. Made with a pottery base; $79 from Madesmith.


Above: A Garden Glass Cloche is 10 inches high; $12.99 from Target.


Above: A Glass Bell Jar measures 35 centimeters high and 25 inches in diameter and is £45 from Cox & Cox.


Above: A 13-inch-high Glass Dome is $54.99 from The Garden Gates.


Above: Another knobless option, 1920s French Glass Cloches have wooden bases and come in three different sizes; from $99 to $129 at Restoration Hardware.

Looking for what you can do with your new cloche? See Gardening 101: How to Make a Closed Terrarium and Shopper’s Diary: Tiny Worlds Under Glass at Twig Terrarium.

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Product summary  

Terrariums & Indoor Cloches

Glass Bell Jar

£45.00 GBP from Cox & Cox

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