Tunnel and Dome Bamboo Cloches

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Product: Tunnel and Dome Bamboo Cloches

Bamboo cloches are made of Bamboo Woven into an open dome and available in five sizes, plus a rectangular tunnel cloche.

These attractive garden cloches are ideal gifts for gardeners. They protect plants and seeding from frost and wind-chill. Fleece or newspaper can be used to cover the plant inside the cloche during periods of heavy frost, but the cloche will protect plants on its own from light frosts in Spring and Autumn. The micro-climate inside the cloche promotes growth and allows rain through to the plants
The bamboo cloches will also protect your seeds and plants from damage by birds, deer, cats, dogs, football, etc.

Please visit the website for prices and shipping information. Prices start at $18.75 for a pack of 5.