Hazelwood Hurdle Fence Panel

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Product: Hazelwood Hurdle Fence Panel

Our handcrafted hurdle fence panels are woven from the coppice wood of the hazel tree. The hazel is left with the golden bronze bark intact making for a very long lived and weather resistant panel. They are heavy, chunky, sturdy and beautifully constructed. Available in five by six and five by four, each substantial panel weights almost 100 pounds.

The panels can be installed on round, peeled cedar fence posts which we offer. We attach each panel to the middle of the post via long galvanized screws. This means the fence has the same finished look on both sides. However, they can be attached to any post of your choosing. They can easily be wired to an existing wood or metal fence. They can be cut, within limits, to fit a slightly smaller space. They can readily be shortened. The panels should be installed slightly above finished grade, so water drains completely off of the wood. A yearly application of exterior wood sealer will extend the life of the panels, though we have had them outdoors without any additional sealer for 8 years now. The panels do eventually weather. As each panel is large and heavy, they must be shipped by motor freight. For a shipping quote, please email us the number of panels needed, with a delivery address and zip code.

Prices range from $195.00 to $245.00