Hazel Obelisk

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Product: Hazel Obelisk
Retailer: Natural Fencing

Large 7ft Hazel Obelisk

Climbers, arches and trellis are all functional for the garden, providing support for plants but also to divide off areas of the garden or to provide beautiful points of interest within a garden. We can make your arches, climbers and trellis as rustic, organic looking or as uniform as you want, with a choice of hard wearing materials from hazel, ash and chestnut to oak.

Standard trellis, arch and plant climbers are available unless you want a custom made product no-one else has. Trellis can even be woven in situ, incorporating other structures like plant climbers within its design.

  • Can be custom made to any size
  • Adds interest and height to the garden
  • Very effective plant support