Glass and Pinewood Balcony Greenhouse

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Product: Glass and Pinewood Balcony Greenhouse
Color: Green
Retailer: Manufactum

Varnished pine, single-pane safety glass. Automatic opener with steel bar. Shelves made of hot-dip galvanised steel, material thickness 1.7 mm. Shells made of stainless steel. Height 1.93 m, width 97 cm, depth 58 cm. Weight 82 kg.

Specifically for a balcony: a greenhouse from Finland.

This “display case” for propagating plants fits on any balcony and offers a lot of room for the propagation and cultivation of ornamental plants and vegetables. The balcony greenhouse is high enough for tomato plants to be cultivated in it. This impressive piece of furniture is manufactured in Finland; glass panes (and not the usual synthetic material) are inserted in the wood frame made of pine from the region.

Balcony greenhouse with intelligently designed interior separations.

Three shelf grid floors made of steel can be inserted in the balcony greenhouse at different heights; with 41.5 x 47.5 cm of surface, they offer enough room for sowing shells and plant pots. A ventilation flap is built into the roof of the greenhouse which functions with an automatic opener: when the inside temperature increases, the pane raises itself automatically; when the temperature sinks, it closes again. Two stainless steel shells that collect excess water make up the base of the furniture, under which there is still space for the rollable drawer (height 23 x width 87 x depth 51.5 cm) in which tools, ties, plant labels, or fertilizer have room.