Compost Activator / Accelerator

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Product: Compost Activator / Accelerator
  • This compost activator and accelerator helps to ensure composting success with a special combination of microorganisms, pH balancers, and energy sources.
  • Although you can make compost perfectly well without a compost accelerator (also known as compost starter), a lot of people like to use them to speed up the composting time. If you have a shorter growing season, a compost activator helps you get your compost ready to add to your garden quickly. It can also help to maintain a perfect pH balance within your compost.
  • Bio Excelerator contains billions of microorganisms especially cultured for composting, coupled with proper energy sources and PH balancers to assure composting success.
  • This bag contains 3.5 pounds of compost activator.
  • In addition to containing moderate and high heat active microbes, special varieties are included in this compost accelerator that can speed the decomposition of difficult to compost organic matter. All are combined with special energy sources containing kelp and dried blood to ensure rapid decomposition. There are also organic calcium compounds included in the compost starter to neutralize the organic acids produced during composting.