Bamboo Good Neighbor Fence

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Product: Bamboo Good Neighbor Fence
Retailer: Bamboo Fencer

Our popular 8 ft. long fence with 2″ fire straightened Tonkin bamboopoles.

This Tonkin bamboo rolled fence with internal galvanized-steel weaving is available in 8′ lengths in a variety of heights to suit the needs of any landscaping or design project. Our Bamboo Friendly Fence features high quality bamboo that’s both sturdy and flexible. Each pole is cut along a node to produce a natural protective cap. Perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects, this fence is friendly to both your neighbors and your planet.

  • 8 ft. long
  • 6′, 8′ high
  • 2″ diameter Tonkin bamboo
  • Fire straightened & termite resistant
  • Heavy internal galvanized steel wire
  • Flexible and durable panels
  • Poles node-cut for natural caps