The Grow Bag, Beautified

June 12, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Don’t get us wrong, grow bags, we love you for making it so easy to have vegetables on a small deck or balcony. But you have to admit, everyone looks better with a little lipstick.

Or in your case, a head-to-toe disguise. While it may be preferable to grow tomatoes or potatoes in a lightweight plastic bag to avoid negotiating with a big, heavy pot, we think you will look a lot better if we can’t see you. Hence, our excitement at spotting these options for hiding grow bags:

Above: A Pair of Grow Bag Covers made of sturdy hessian are £13.50 from Cox and Cox. Cut on the dotted lines to “disguise the glaring ugliness of plastic grow bags” (sorry, grow bags: their words, not ours).

Above: A Wicker Grow Bag Hider has a fiber cover to hide the plastic and is £20 from Cox and Cox. For US gardeners, the Natural Wicker Vegetable Planter comes with a canvas planting bag and is $59.95 from Agrarian.

Above: A humble fabric grow bag; it gets the job done (under cover, ideally). A Jumbo Potato Grow Bag is $16.49 from Gardeners.

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