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Steal This Look: A Backyard Barbecue for Memorial Day Weekend

May 24, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Gardenista Team

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? This weekend, we’ll invite friends over, break out the grill for the season’s inaugural backyard barbecue, and serve plenty of chilled lemonade (and white wine).

To make it easy to recreate the look, we partnered with sponsor Home Depot to help you gather the essentials for a simple and stylish gathering. 

And to make sure you’re completely prepped, we’ve included one of our favorite (and easy) grilled recipes. If you’re cooking this in our neighborhood this weekend, don’t be surprised if we stop by.

Above: In Julie’s backyard, the table and patio are ready for guests to arrive. Let the grilling begin. When hosting al fresco, keep it simple: basic dinnerware, a washable tablecloth, drink tumblers, and comfortable seating. Photograph by John Merkl.

Above: We keep grilling utensils and spices ready on a wooden cutting board; it does double duty for carving after cooking. 

Above: A must on our cookout lists: a humble chopping board. Put its name to good use with with vegetables and fruits, or display a variety of cheeses. The Lipper International Bamboo Cutting Board is 2″ thick and features a channeled edge to catch liquids from spilling over; $24.99 from Home Depot.

Above: High-performance grilling tools will make charring a steak or flipping a veggie burger all the easier; the Weber Three-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set is $34.99 from Home Depot.

Above: Could you survive the summer without a quality grill? Whether you’re looking for a minimal kettle model or a larger size such as this Classic 2-Burner Convection Gas Grill,  Home Depot offers a wide array of grills for all size outdoor spaces and budgets.

Above: Here’s to clinking glasses: The Libbey Gibraltar is a multipurpose glass for lemonade, water, and iced tea, but we’d also use ours as wine glasses; $45.48 from Home Depot.

Above: Group accoutrements, such as straws or extra knives, in a simple Metal Pail; $10.77 for a three-pack from Home Depot.

Above: When the sun finally sets, spark up the fire pit and gather around to digest. Seen here: the Real Flame Hampton Fire Pit; $279 from Home Depot.

Now, the real reason to throw a party: perfect grilled fish í  la British food editor Allan Jenkins. Here’s his simple recipe

Above: Got fresh herbs? Photograph by Allan Jenkins.

Barbecued fish


  • One fish per person if mackerel (or one for two or three if sea bass or sea trout), scaled and cleaned
  • Herbs from the garden (French tarragon, thyme, rosemary, marjoram).
  • Olive oil and salt.


Cut diagonal incisions at 1-inch intervals along the fish skin and rub with the herbs, salt, and oil. Leave to rest for at least one hour. Cook on the barbecue, allowing from five to 12 minutes per side (depending on the size of the fish).


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