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Rough Yet Refined: Planters from Denmark

February 15, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Earlier this week we posted on Blomsterskuret, floral designer and potter Martin Reinicke’s shop in Frederiksberg, Denmark; we’ve been coveting his slab-cut planters ever since.

The planters are hand formed from earthenware clay and are available in brown, black, slate gray, green glaze, and sand white in a selection of sizes from Krukkeriet, his nearby studio. The studio carries everything from standard shape planters to bowls and wall pocket pottery; Reinicke also offers pottery customizable with childrens hand imprints or company logos.

Above: The Cube Pots are available in gray, brown, and white clay and are designed to save space on the windowsill; 125DKK (about $22) for the small size and 145DKK (about $26) for the large.

Above L: The Small Trumpet Pot in white and black clay features ball-feet and is made for small trees and traditional potted plants; 145DKK (about $26) each. Above R: Reinicke’s pottery customized with a child’s handprint.

Above: A look into the handmade slab-cut construction of the planters; finished with a Danish crown emblem.

Above: Reinicke’s flowers (poppy pods included) arranged in an earthenware pot. A similar pot is the Low Curve Pot with a wide shape and small feet, designed for low-growing plants, arrangements, and bonsai; 175 DKK (about $31) each.

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