ISSUE 44  |  Black Furnishings

Outdoors: Vessel Wall Light

October 30, 2008 7:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

The specter of Halloween night always makes me think about outdoor illumination. One of the best ideas we’ve seen in a while: the Vessel Wall Light. Here’s what Y Lighting says: “Designed by Michelle Kaufman in partnership with Flux, the Vessel Wall Light is a vase-like fixture designed as an entryway light or wall sconce. The tall, slender, steel-and-glass form features a secure mounting base, finished in dark gray powder coat, that dramatically lights a large, durable, blown-glass vase from below. Vessel not only casts light upward, illuminating the vase and its contents, but also downward, offering a great design solution for lighting house numbers or entry steps.” The Vessel Wall Light is 23 inches high, 4.75 inches wide, and requires a compact fluorescent bulb; $295 at Y Lighting.

The vase can be filled with tinted water, glass marbles, polished stones, flowers, or even goldfish (the fixture’s efficiency keeps the water from getting hot).