ISSUE 53  |  A Fresh Start

Metal Watering Cans in Primary Colors

January 04, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Add a bright note to winter gardening, indoors or out, with one (or more) of these brightly colored metal watering cans.

Above: The powder coated metal watering cans are offered in three shapes (L to R): Short Slant Metal Watering Can ($26), Globe Metal Watering Can ($26), and the Tall Slant Metal Watering Can ($34) in a choice of four colors at the Potted Store.

Above: The metal watering cans have lightweight with handles to make pouring easier.

Above: Tall Slant Metal Watering Cans are $34 each.

N.B.: For more options, see our earlier post Alchemy in the Garden: Metallic Watering Cans.