In Praise of the Water Fountain

June 13, 2012 5:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

What is it about water in a garden that is so compelling? Consider the fountain.

In addition to providing a focal point for your landscape, water fountains offer soothing sounds and entrancing visual movement. And, in urban gardens they help wash out street noise. We’ve rounded up a collection of fountains designed to be used with pumps that re-circulate the water; no plumbing required.

Above: An easy addition to any garden space, the demure Chiyoko Fountain is made of a composite material that resembles lead and stands just 8 inches tall and 19 inches in diameter; $157.99 at Garden Fountains.

Above: The Weathered Zinc Wall Fountain with three spouts (a five-spout model is also available) is handcrafted in Hungary of steel covered with rustproof weathered zinc; currently on sale for $1,525 (regular price is $1,695) at Restoration Hardware.

Above: The Cascade Fountain stands 26 inches tall and just shy of 40 inches wide. Made of cast-stone concrete, available in several finishes (shown in travertine); $1,149 at Garden Fountains.

Above: Carved of blue gray granite, the Vasque Fountain has a rough chiseled interior. It stands 26 inches tall and 22 inches wide; $795 from Stone Forest.

Above: The Echo Fountain stands 64 inches tall, but just 16 inches wide. Made of cast stone concrete, it is available in several finishes (shown in verde); $839.99 including shipping from Yard Art.

Above: The Tuolumne Water Feature designed by California Landscape Architect Bernard Trainor. This infinite-style fountain runs a seamless flow of water off the rim and comes in a large and small size. Made to order by Concreteworks in Oakland, California. The 40-inch size is $4,250 (custom sizes vary in price; contact Concreteworks for information).