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Holiday Gift Guide: Door Mats to Covet

December 10, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

My father-in-law once gave my mother-in-law a garbage can for her birthday, and she was pleased. This is true too: I’d love to get one of these doormats for Christmas (I hope my husband is reading this).

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Above: Handwoven, vegetable-dyed sisal Straw Mat; $26 from the Joinery.

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Above: Natural, unvarnished Teak Doormat; $59.95 from Crate & Barrel.

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Above: The Commune Hex Doormat is $60 from Commune. Made in India of 100 percent coir, the doormats are also available from Lulu & Georgia, the new online shop from Decorative Carpets’ Sara Sugerman.

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Above: Handmade in Vermont, the Chevron White Pine Doormat includes an attached bristle brush for scraping gardening boots; $94 at Kaufmann Mercantile. (N.B.: For more on garden boots, see “The Ultimate Garden Boots.”)