ISSUE 12  |  Spring Forward

Everlasting Bouquets from Ashley Woodson Bailey

March 28, 2014 1:30 PM

BY Lindsey Taylor

Atlanta photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey was a full-time floral designer when a car accident two years ago put her in a back brace for months. The accident changed her life dramatically. She had two young children and needed a lot of rest and physical therapy to heal. She’s back on her feet now, but as her doctors had predicted, the hectic pace of the floral world would be out of the question for her. In an effort to stay connected to the flowers she loves, she started photographing them with her iPhone to create what she calls, “everlasting bouquets.” 

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Photographs by Ashley Woodson Bailey.

Above: Dream from $90.

In pursuing her newfound passion, Ashley has mastered the art of iPhone photography, creating images that are amazingly beautiful and ethereal. I first found Ashley’s work on Instagram and wanted to find out more. Lucky for me, Ashley has just launched a new business and website, selling her images online. On her website she explains: “Every image has a meaning behind it. Every stem has a story. Just like all of us.” 

Above: Dutch Love from $90.

Prints are offered in four different sizes and are organized by light and dark images that start at $90.00 for an 8-inch by 10-inch print. So far the 24-inch by 30-inch prints have been her best sellers.

Above: Neon Bash from $90.

Recently Ashley printed one of her images to be 40 inches by 60 inches and was really happy with the results. “It was all been a bit of an experiment,” she explains. “I’m really pleased with how beautifully the images print.” 

Above: Regard Rest Love Bash from $90.

Ashley has the photos printed in LA, on a high quality cotton rag paper, called Hahnemuhle that gives the photos a dreamy luxurious quality, like a painting. Each image is sent back to Ashley so she can inspect and sign it before it goes out to her customers.

Above: Pop from $90.

Ashley’s looking forward to offering her images seasonally, each month a new set of photos will appear. So don’t wait, if you like what you see now, buy it. It won’t be there next month. 

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