ISSUE 33  |  Kitchen Week

DIY: Garden Pallet as Instant Tool Shed

August 13, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

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Spotted on Flickr: A clever idea, by Nic Robinson, for using a recycled wooden pallet to corral garden tools:

Above: Hang towels or gloves off the slats. Photograph by Nic Robinson, via Flickr.

Above: To make your own, get a pallet from a local garden store. Photograph via Coupon Connections.

Above: Remove any errant nails and sand smooth the rough or splintery edges. Image via Vettieg.

Above: Attach pallet to wall with wood screws. Image via Prudent Baby.

Above: The finished product: just add tools. Photograph via Nic Robinson, via Flickr.

Above: Speaking of which: For handmade copper tools from PKS in Austria, see “5 Favorites: Shiny Copper Tools.