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Brass Ikebana Vases from Bavaria

May 15, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

I love it when a vase does most of the floral designing work for me. Even better when it’s a vase that’s an objet d’art all on its own.

I recently came across a small company called Wsake run by a father and daughter team and based in Regensburg, a town in Southern Germany. The father is an experienced silversmith and the daughter is a trained graphic designer who grew up assisting in her father’s workshop. Today the two collaborate on a series of brass vases with geometric openings that assist in showing off even the smallest group of carefully chosen stems picked from the garden or on a walk home.

Above: Wsake makes single Vase Caps out of brass that are meant to add to any glass tumbler (they measure about 3 inches in diameter). The caps are available with two different designs: the single wave (€75), shown left, and the double wave (€85) shown right.

Above: The full-size Big Can Vase is handmade entirely in brass and measures about five and a half inches tall by four inches in diameter. It’s available with or without changeable caps; â‚¬130 for the vase alone.

Above: The caps designed for the Big Can Vase come in three different designs: a cap with a slim rectangular opening, another with a single off-center circular hole, and one with sixteen holes total for small stems; â‚¬85 for each cap.

Above: The Small Cap Vase measures about three and a half inches tall by two inches in diameter and can be purchased alone or with an accompanying geometrical cap. Caps come with either a round, square, or triangular opening; â‚¬120 for the vase and â‚¬65 for each cap.

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