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Best Tools: 10 Favorite Garden Forks

July 08, 2015 1:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

In the garden, long-handled forks bear great responsibility: It’s their job to break up compacted soil, spread a layer of straw mulch around the roots of the roses, and aerate the compost. Buy a high-quality tool to last a lifetime. Here are our 10 favorite garden forks:

Above: From British toolmaker Burgon & Ball, a Digging Fork with an ash handle and a comfortable Y grip is £39.95.

Above: Lighter in weight than a four-tine fork, a three-tine Digging Fork from Sneeboer has flat tines to make it easier to slice through compacted soil; for prices and dealers, see Sneeboer.

Above: Copper tools enrich soil with trace elements as you work, do not rust, and last longer than iron. From Austrian toolmaker PKS, an Antares Copper Border Fork is €156.

A large Bonfire Fork is useful for pitching hay or leaves; £18 from Garden Trading.

Above: A steel Digging Fork with four rust-proof painted tines is “simply indestructible” and is $83.50 from Garrett Wade.

Above: From British horticultural tool company Joseph Bentley (est. 1895), a Long-Handle Fork has rolled tines and small tread on the top of the fork so you can brace a foot for leverage; $49.95 from Williams-Sonoma. 

Above: A hand-forged Stainless Steel Digging Fork has an extra long neck and an ash handle; €147 from Manufactum.

Above: Handmade in northern England since 1780, a Clarington Forge Garden Fork comes with a lifetime guarantee; available in two handle lengths (28 inches and 32 inches, for gardeners taller than 5 foot 5 inches) and at prices that range from $85 to $90 depending on size at The Tool Merchants.

Above: Forged from a single piece of metal, a Digging Fork by British toolmakers Spear & Jackson has no welds or joints and is $69.99 from Grow Organic.

Above: A Compost Fork from DeWit Tools has sharp, thin, curved tines to and measures 45 inches long: $49.35 from Garden Tool Company.

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